Please note: We will do our best to keep the buses running on-time, arriving to and from ferries for their arrivals and departures. Remember, late ferries are out of our control.

Fulford Ferry:

Passengers arriving through Fulford Harbour will be pick-up after the ferry has departed and cleared the traffic from the ferry line-up.

The bus will run shuttles from the Islabella Point Road and Fulford Ganges Road Turn-off to the festival site on 255 Musgrave Road on a donation basis – we encourage festival goers to take the shuttles.

Pick-up from Fulford Ferry Terminal:

Saturday:                                                                 Sunday:


Vesuvius Ferry:


Returning to Vesuvius


We encourage festival goers to utilize existing public transit as well.


Between Fulford Harbour and the festival site: on Donation

Between Vesuvius, Portlock Park, Ganges, Mowhinna Creak and the festival site: on Donation

Onsite Parking:

Parking is FREE!

Absolutely no parking on sides of Musgrave Road! We encourage all to use the shuttle bus system.